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Hello, world!

…and welcome to the all-new, shiny, bug-free (probably – I haven’t learnt how to unit test WordPress yet) StrictlyTyped blog!

The purpose of this blog is to share my stories, ideas, complaints and learnings both within and outside of tech.

To give you a brief introduction to who I am, my name’s Josh and I’m a 20-something Software Developer who’s totally and utterly in love with Laravel (okay except maybe Facades, but we’ll leave that delicate topic to another day). I currently find myself writing the majority of my day-to-day code at a small, yet fantastic (not biased at all), agency in the West Midlands called Kalexiko. You should totally hit them up if you need any website magic – again, I’m not at all biased. 👀

In the short term you can find me (or tell me how service location is a perfectly fine paradigm) on Twitter @joshbrw, where I share any 140-character* ramblings I may have. You can also drop me your favourite animated gifs (or gifs) over email at [email protected]. My aim for now is to keep StrictlyTyped up to date as often as possible, and we’ll see where the future takes us!

* or 280 character…?

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